Plot 1

Pre let opportunity from 80,000 sq ft

Floor Plans

  • Floor Area
  • Ground Floor
  • Upper Floors
Floor Areas (NIA)SQ FTSQ M
Level 320,1291,870
Level 220,1291,870
Level 120,1291,870
Ground Floor18,3421,704
Total Office79,6557,400
Floor Areas (NIA)SQ FTSQ M
Ground Floor18,3421,704


Adjacent to the landscaped contemplation area at the apex of the boulevard, the reception is framed by an elegant, free standing canopy that is a beacon for the building. The clean, linear reception hall leads directly to the central core comprising passenger lifts, connecting stair, shared services and amenity spaces.

The open, generous communication stair is designed to encourage use as an alternative to the lifts providing a key space for social interaction. A second circulation stair located at the Maylands Avenue elevation further encourages the interconnectivity between floors in a day lit space.

All ground floor office space overlooks the lush green perimeter in which the building is sited enhancing the feeling of openness created by the flush stone cill at each floor. 

Floor Areas (NIA)SQ FTSQ M
Levels 1-320,1291,870


The square floor plate and centrally located core create comfortable proportions making the office levels easy to navigate and prevent them from being hierarchical. Daylight is maximized by floor to ceiling glazing and is balanced with artificial light to create an evenly lit interior with glare control.